Methodist Daily Prayer

Connecting the Church During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The Love Feast

The Love Feast, or Agape, is a Christian fellowship meal recalling the meals Jesus shared with disciples during his ministry. The service expresses the koinonia or sharing, belonging and fellowship enjoyed within the body of Christ.

The Love Feast, in common with other acts of worship includes prayer, praise, scripture, preaching and mutual fellowship and an offering, but in addition the Love Feast contains a time of Prepared Testimony and the sharing of the Love Feast cake and the Loving Cup. If preferred, individual glasses or cups may be used. This version of the Love Feast has been adapted for use online or over a conference call. Biscuits might be substituted for cake, and tea or juice preferred to water. There really aren't any 'hard & fast' rules.

The Service

Some words of welcome, such as

"Welcome to our online love feast, which is a way of expressing the sharing, belonging and fellowship we have together as followers of Jesus. A key part of it is to share testimony -how your story is part of God’s story. ‘My life is different because I believe God has changed my . . . challenged my . . . loved me . . .’ It is where you are. It is who you are. No need to pretend. It is your testimony. A second key part is to share food and drink often cake or bread and tea or water. You will need to get your own! It’s helpful to get them ready before you start"

A hymn or worship song might be shared

Let us pray (together)

Holy God, we thank you that wherever we are,
you are with us.
praise you that in Christ we have new life.
Unite us in this worship by your Holy Spirit
that we may each know your blessing. Amen.

Scripture is read (eg Matthew 22:34-40)

Sharing of testimonies. These might be shared by email, posted to Facebook etc, or spoken 'live'

When the testimonies have been shared, we eat and drink together in thankfulness.

Prayers of thanksgiving, and prayers for the needs of others, are shared

The Lord's Prayer

A hymn or worship song might be shared

A blessing


(Adapted from advice on the Methodist Church website)